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Johanna Bakermans

Qualifications and Professional Affiliations:

  • Bachelor of Arts, Major in Sociology & Philosophy;
  • Graduate Degree in Social Work;
  • Diploma of Child Protection;
  • Nursing degree in Psychiatry and Intellectual Disability;
  • Family Court of Australia Mediation Certificate;
  • Family Consultant, registered under Regulation 8 of the Family Law Regulations;
  • Member of the AASW;
  • Member of the AIJA;
  • Member of CPPAQ;
  • Member of FLPA;
  • Registered with the Attorney-General's Department to issue 60I Certificates under that section of the Family Law Act 1975;
  • Accredited as a Regulation 7 Family Consultant.
Photograph of Johanna Bakermans

Family Report Practitioner in Private Practice for the past ten years. Five years experience in the fields of Child & Youth Mental Health and Child Protection.

Fifteen years’ experience with the Family Court of Australia as a counsellor/mediator, family therapist, case work supervisor and Director of the Court’s Counselling Service.

Nine years experience as a Tribunal Member' including membership of the 'Childrens Services Tribunal' and the 'Mental Health Review Tribunal.

* Court Ordered Family Reports, Private Family Reports, Social Assessments, Dispute Resolution Services, Mediation and Counselling.
* Practitioner will travel intra and/or interstate where required.
* Johanna will travel intra and/or interstate where required;
* Johanna sees clients in rooms located at ‘Ladhope Chambers’ office 501, level 5 131 Wickham Terrace SPRING HILL Qld 4004.
* Download Johanna's 'Abbreviated CV' (MS Word Document)

Contact Details:
PO Box 8237
Woolloongabba QLD 4102
Ph: 0407 764 695

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